It is dark, where are the lights.

Well yesterday was a great day for prepping. I went to Acme and found this nice hand crank light in a quick sale basket. I grab one for 3.00. This light has 9 LED's you can use 3 or all 9. I took it back to work and cranked it up to test it at work. Well the light stayed on for at least a hour. This nice little find also has a radio, and a port to plug in your IPOD to listen through it.

I made some more weeds out of the garden. This is hard work cause I have a lot of roots in the area. I just keep working at it. This is just a small update on the castle. Keep working at your prep's.


Down the Hatch...

This past weekend the wife and I made our first major SHTF purchase. We got a great deal on a 1999 Viking Pop Up. This model even has a bathroom/shower in it. I will be picking it up this coming weekend and pulling it to the castle. Then we will be packing the baby with supplies for the the many test runs to locale camp grounds and getting set up and take down to a breeze.

I do have to work on getting some small rust stains off the canvas. I don't know what to use on that. I will have to keep researching it. There is one spot of mild mildew on it. I will have to order or make some killz if I can find a great way of doing it. The fun part is going to be learning how to pull it in and out of spots. I have never pulled anything before, but there is always a way to get things done. There will be pic's of the mobile castle soon.

The garden, well that is going great, which I am amazed about. The area we are trying to grow our food is full of roots. I keep working at the soil and pulling out roots. So we will have to wait to see what comes from the labor. Right now I have some lima beans, peas, tomatos, peppers, and cukes planted in the garden.

Security at the castle is getting better. We did invest in a nice puppy named Duke. He is a English Springer Spaniel and wonderful at alerting us. I have made breaker bars for the windows so I can keep them open to a certain amount and not have to wonder about sheeple climbing looking to loot.