Like I said yesterday, I was helping/teaching the wife how to can pickles from our garden. She made it through fine. I wanted to give her some prop's for a wonderful job. Here is a couple of pic's of the process.

Above is the wife putting the pickles in the jars. With such grace and style... I say we give her a 10.

The above picture is the nice quick easy brine solution we used to make these wonderful pickles. Down below is the wonderful product my wife produced last night in the kitchen. Also in the picture you will notice the squash that I don't know what to do with. The only thing that was bought to make these was the brine solution.

Prepping is done best when you use what you have around the house first. Then go buy what you don't have. Now there are somethings that you will always have to buy. A example for me would be ammo. I don't feel comfortable making my own shells for my shotgun.

My whole digging the moat area is all been done by using stuff around the house. From putting up shelves to closet to store various items at. Well love good comments at the Rook's Castle so leave them if you want.

Working on the moat...



Mayberry said...

Those pickles look great. I can smell 'em from here!

Anonymous said...

I just wish I was as far as you learning how to can!!! Tell her good job and remember those pickles will be good this winter!

Anonymous said...

Loading shot gun shells isn't too hard & relatively safe. A press isn't too expensive. Find some one that does it & I am sure they will show you how & get you started.

Larry in SE Ohio

Rook said...

Thanks for the tip. I will check into it.


Selous Scout said...

I plan on doing some canning also, but it will be my 1st attempt as the ex-wife used to do it instead of me. I do have 2 pressuer canners, one of which my mom gave to me. It is a older Sears Model 620-162 16 qt pressure cooker canner. It needs a new sealing ring which I found at http://www.thegourmetdepotco.com

They carry sealing rings for most all makes and models.

Bridget said...

Rook, It's great to see your wife getting in on the canning action. My DH has been canning for a couple years, and this is my first year. It's nice to be able to help each other out and work together, especially since we spend late nights canning. Plus, we are working on our specialties now - he is Salsa King and Master Pickler. I am focusing on fruit-based items, tomatoes, and non-pickled veggies.