Limited Prepping

Everyone knows that we should be preparing for the SHTF. It could be something that just happens to your family or across the country. If we do buy or do one thing on the prepping side a day it is still prepping. I have been struggling trying to find the time to prep, and also not taking the time away from the family. I have got it figured out to at least hour a day. We could be cleaning the guns, canning, mapping out the land and escape routes.

I have taking the time tonight to show/teach my wife how to can pickles. It is make some difference. I was working on the garden today pulling tomato's and cukes. I have a nice compost pile I started this summer. The compost pile is doing great. This is one of those skills I have choose to hone my skills in this summer. Well that is not completely true, gardening as well. I have some squash planted. I am in a touch area because I am not crazy about squash, because I don't know of any good recipes or how to cook it. So drop me a comment on how to cook them. I love the comments that are helpful.

I am thinking of doing a time budget to see where I spend most of my time. The exact same thing as a money budget, but for my time. I have a good idea where most of it goes, and just don't want to admit it... the Big Picture that sucks the life out of you.

Right now most of my prepping is what I can do around the house with out spending any money or very limited money. I have to watch every penny, and that is very difficult for a person like me who loves to spend money.

So what have I been doing on the moat you ask? Well the moat is just about clear for digging. (figuratively). I have been studying the area around my house,talking to the neighbors more, and clear clutter. I didn't think I would have so much cleaning to do, just to prep. I spend a lot of time just cleaning to have storage for the up coming supplies. Well time to outline the moat..

Working on the moat...



Mayberry said...

I know what you mean.... We're in the same boat, more or less.

Anonymous said...

I am having a huge garage sale in October to get rid of stuff so I can prep more. Why dont you boil that squash with some onions salt pepper and a tad of sugar and then can it! Or freeze it so you can fry it later. Dont let it ruin, all that work for nothing...there are some good recipes on the net for some squash casserole and it is so good...you could always chop it up in salads, I eat it like that sometimes.

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Jen said...

You mentioned your compost pile. I am having great results with the worms I bought last year. I put them in a small bit of yard waste, newspaper and veggie scraps in the spring and they have just taken off! I keep it moist, limit the amount of turning, (too many watchful feathered friends!) and have seen them mulitply. My pile is 5X the size it was and in comparison with the worms I keep in a bin, they are fat and happy. The soil around it is a nasty volcanic-type, very dry. So they dont wander away. As we get closer to fall, I will have to gather them and add them to the bin to keep from losing them to our winters, But what compost they are making now!