Are you planning...

I am doing my morning routine if coffee and reading the blogs and news this morning. Then I reliezed I have a weekend all to myself (well not really wife & kids) but I don't have any where I need to be. This is the first time this has happen in about 3 weeks.

Well back to topic:

I need to come up with my game plan for this weekend. I dont' want to waste this bounty of beatiful weather by not prepping and enjoying the outdoors. Do you have plans for your weekend or does the wife help make them? I will be laying out my plan today and posting it tonight. Then come Monday we will see how well I kept to the plan. When in SHTF world sometimes we will have to go of course to avoid the po po's and zombies.

I also want to thank the readers who leave comments. I love to reply and read people's thoughts. Thanks Mayberry for point out about the plug system a few days ago.

Working on the moat...


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