Space For Prepping

I have this great space in my basement to keep and store most of my prep's I will be gathering. I will post some pic's of the before and after area in a few days. The daunting task is to prepare the space. It needs to be cleaned. Cabinets and shelves need to be erected. My goal here is to have it organized. Having prep's that are not organized will be a disaster when you need to go into survival mode. Here is the list as I see it now....

1) Food storage - First off my food storage will be can goods and what I can harvest from this year's garden. As time and funds permit I will move into grain storage.

2) Gun Storage - This does not have to be large at first. I have a nice 20g shotgun, and a BB/pellet rifle. (Yes, I know a BB gun?) I love to keep a BB gun around as it is great for small game hunting in areas you should not be and is quieter than a .22 The added benfit of the BB gun is I can start to teach my 8yr son how to shoot and rules/respect to have with guns. Now the .22 rifle is on the list to get.

3) Library - This area is going to have all the great reading you will need in the SHTF (Stuff Hits The Fan) problem. Like I said in my intro late start. I just picked up a "must have" for everyone's SHTF library Storey's Basic Country Skills. http://www.storey.com/book_detail.php?isbn=9781580172028 I know everyone has it listed as a must as well, and this is very true.

4) General Storage - This area will be used for maps,walking sticks, B.O.B (bug-out-bag).

5) Tool Storage - There will be nothing worse when SHTF happens and there is no electric so you can't use that circular saw, drill, or sawzaw. I would suggest everyone try to pick up hand tools at yard sales/flee markets when they can. Can you imagine trying to secure your surroundings or house without having any tools for the job? I wouldn't want that scenario!

6) First Aid/Medical Storage - This area doesn't have to be that big, but it can be overlooked sometimes. All of us prepper's should use our local Red Cross for First Aid Training/CPR.

Keep working on the moat!!!


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