Dad's Shopping

This past weekend I got to see the family, and see all the different stuff my dad has from the many years. It is like a great treasure chest. Not that dad's are just great for material things. They have a lot of wisdom to share. We just need to take the time to listen to them. I do the listening much better now then when I was a teenager.

I look forward to see my dad, and gaining his knowledge. The man as made stuff work when everyone else would say the heck with it. I know it isn't father's day (man made holiday), but take the time to call dad out of the blue.

This is what my dad gave to me this past time.

1) Meat Grinder - Very old kind!!! It has the year of 1894 stamped on it. All it's parts work, but I don't know how to clean it to make it safe for the family. If anyone has a suggestions or can point me in the right direction; just leave me a comment or email me.

2) 12v regulator - This nice little thing works great. I can plug it into the wall and operate a anything that would work in a car. (CB, radio, radar detector, ect, ect.

Working on the moat...


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The Scavenger said...

Rook, sounds like the trip to dads was a super find. Meat grinders are great and there's just not much to them, pretty easy for anyone to use. If your not sure about it just google it and you'll find more than you want to know. Nice blog, I'll be back. Will be posting more about the canner soon. This thing is just too cool.