Busy Weekend...

This was a great busy weekend of prepping and just hanging out with the family. Yesterday the kids and I went to a couple of locale yard sales. I didn't find to much, but I did buy a tamper for $5 bucks. It will come in handy when the I get to the point of building the retreat.

I am waiting for my water bath canning system to get here. It is suppose to be here on Monday. I hope so I have some veggie's wait in the wings to preserve. I had to do some small canning last night with just a couple of pot's I had here. I got 3 nice jars of bread & butter pickles put away now. I will be making some good ol' salsa tomorrow with the new cannier. I have gotten the food prep area cleaned and waiting for storing of the food. Now the question is what do I keep the food in for a bug out time? If anyone has some suggestions please leave them in the comment area. The kind of get out now. Most of my food prepping is going to be from my garden. That is the one area I have been getting my skills honed into. The other prep's are going to be in the form of boxed/canned/beans. I don't' have a grain mill to great whole grains. Plus I still at the beginning stages of my prepping.

I know of people losing jobs around here left and right. They don't know what to do. We as a community of preppers will be ready if that happens to us. At least we won't have to worry about there the food is coming from. Plus the Lord says he will provide. That doesn't make a man feel good when he knows he is suppose to provide for his family and can't at that time. So we are many ways ahead of everyone.

It is a real hot today on the east coast. I don't know what the people before us did in days like today. I don't even want to go outside to water the garden. It is going to take some real getting use to when the grid goes down. I would like to convert a little fan that I have that is rechargeable, with a way to charge up using solar. Has anyone messed with solar power for little things like that?

I have now came up with a budget prepping idea to present to the wife. My thinking is to take one month and devote all the funds for prepping to one area (food,band aids, bullets) type of thing. That might helpt to keep the foraging bear on task. I also think she will respect that better with a system in place. Well enough rambling for one day.

Working on the moat...



Anonymous said...

I have found a good site for solar panels.


There are various products. If you email the guy he'll work with you to get you what you need. Just because everything looks expensive doesn't necessarily mean you can't get something cheaper. For example I have a smart charger for rechargable batteries which uses 12V DC.. Didn't need the batteries/inverters..

Anonymous said...

Hey! It's nice to find another prepper on the net. Here's a piece of advice - DON'T PANIC! I've been a prepper for a long time and the fact of the matter is there is no way we'll ever have everything.

Stock up on your flour/wheat, dried milk, honey/sugar and salt. Then build from there - canned meats, beans, rice, etc.

Canning is so cool! Next time you can buy something get yourself a pressure canner. Then you can put up meat, stews, soups, non-acid vegies, etc.

We have made it a practice to get to know our neighbors (they don't know we prep and we think they do, but don't ask). If we don't have what we need they will and vice verse.


Mayberry said...

Heat? You don't know no steenkeeng heat! Ha ha ha. It was 98 today on my back porch, humid as hell, and prescious little breeze. And I LOVE it! But it will suck if the hurricane comes here, or even if we get a lot of rain and nothing else. The skeeters will be murder.......

Kenneth H. said...

You canned bread ? You have got to make a post on how to do that!!!