Garden Update...

I wanted to share with the great readers some pic's of what try and try again method will produce if you keep at. These are the tomato plants aboove.

These are the pepper plants. I have birds that love to eat everything in my garden it seems like so I have had to cover them.

And finally the corn I planted. People around here don't seem to have much success with corn. So I am still amazed at how well it is doing. Remember this is a test garden to hone in my skills and to find what grows great around here.

I have very limitted space for a garden, so I make it work. As we should all make it work for where God has us at right now. If we have a retreat that is great. If we are moving to your retreat, like my good buddy James at bison survival blog. If we are stocking and preparing in the city under the radar, then go at. We just can't set back and not do nothing at all.

Working on the moat...


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The Scavenger said...

Hey, looks like the garden is doing well. I am a firm beliver that we should do what we can, where we are, with what we have. Glad to know that you are doing just that. Keep up the good work.