Try and Try Again...

Now when the day comes when we don't have the great conveniences we have now, we will have to look to time tested ways to get things done.

My wife wondered why in the world I was starting a compost pile this year. Well it is plan and simple, I have never done it and want to make sure I can do it when you can get top soil at Lowes or Home Depot. It is going great I think, but it is better to test and hone in the skills now then when you are in a location with no chance to grow and no idea how to compost. This holds true for many other skill sets we lack today.

This is my first year of a garden with other plants then just tomatos. So far so good. My greatest problem is yard space. My yard might be 25' 20'. So i just have a couple of everything planted; corn, peas, tomatos, cukes, squash, and my daughters outrageos pumkin.

If you want to know what skill sets I am talking about just watch some old Little House... (great show) and see how they did things, then you will know. I will starting a search for hand tools at yardsales, Dad's house, ( he doesn't know it yet), flee markets.

There is one skill I or my wife are going to go learn at a local store and the is the craft of sewing. Sure I can sew a button, but I think the family will need more then just a button. This will also allow me time to teach the family as well.

We all need to take stock of what skills we need to teach ourselves before the time is to late. Then we will be there scratching our heads.

Working on the moat...



Anonymous said...

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Marie said...

Working on skills when you don't absolutely have to use them sure beats having to learn them when you have no alternatives. Hope your garden goes well!

Working Man Design said...

Congratulations on a nicely designed and well-written blog! Best of luck to you!