People are waking...

I was out all weekend with visiting family and friends. The topic of the coming hard times was everywhere I looked. I didn't have to look for the chance to put my blog out there, it just came. I made sure to mention the blog and others that I check daily.

I even was able to help my nephews understand what was going on. To the point where one of them might do something about it. There was a few men from my church talking about the dark days coming. Now onto how I prepped and work on prep's this weekend.

Well I didn't work to much on prep'ing, other then buy a air compressor for the BOV. I did make sure not to get the cheap kind. I stepped it up a notch and got one that can work for inflating beds/balls with different attachments. This is something we should keep in our BOV or with the BOB. I can just see it now, we are running from the sheeple and get a flat with no way to pump up or anything. So make sure to add it to the list and get one if you don't have one.

Now for the castle...

I am still getting the area cleared. I have some shelves I need to build this week. That way when the canner gets in I can put it work right away. Now I am off to work on the cleaning.

Working on the moat...


This is a great site for people just now starting to wake up and wondering where to start prepping at. Check it out:



Mayberry said...

Make sure you add a tire plugging kit to that air compressor! They're available at China Mart fairly reasonably. Can't well air up a tire that's got a big ol' hole where a nail was stickin' out of it!

Anonymous said...

Yep, they are awakening alright.. Like the friggin matrix man.. Having to explain this stuff to people they cannot comprehend at first. I sure hope that you are fitted with enough time to somewhat educate and try and get them to preparing!

Good luck!