Time slips away...

Sorry for get this posting out so late.

We need to be working everyday to prepare for what ever God has in store for this great nation. If we can only spend a 1/2 hour a day doing something. Then we are way ahead of the sheeple of this once great nation. It will be again...once we get everyone one awake.

The times we are living in remind me of the movie They Live. If you think about it most of the sheeple in this nation are just like that. Now how do we as prepper's balance the time with family and working on preping and just enjoying life? I don't have the answer, I wish I did. It will be different for everyone. I find I do my best prepping at night, once I have spent time with the family. For example tonight, I will be heading to "dugeon" and clearing a area to start store my food.

Everyone may have noticed my little sig... "working on the moat" well that is great defense at a castle. Now everyone doesn't have a "castle per say" but we need to treat our retreat/home like that. We need to do survey's of what we can do to the bounderies and then plan to do it. Not just I want to do this. Plan for it and do it.

I know I have done alot of rambling tonight. Sometimes I just have so many thoughts/ideas I want to get out and just go with them out.

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Mayberry said...

There is a delicate balance to be struck somewhere. I suppose it's different for everyone. Just be glad that your family is on board (they are, ain't they?). Makes things much easier. Have some fun, get some preps. Hell, have fun getting preps! Whatever it takes...